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Veronica, 25, Madrid/Dublin. I post mostly about music (The Killers, White Lies, The Vaccines, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, HAIM, CHVRCHES, Spector, Delorentos, The Kills, The Naked + Famous, Dum Dum Girls, Raglans ETC ETC ETC) I also love tv shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Community, Veronica Mars, Lost, Fringe, Sherlock, Sons of Anarchy, Alias, Firefly, Arrested Development... And finally, another 1/3 of this blog is run by my vagina. Let's be friends.
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I got punched in the face at the WL show @ Wolverhampton, but it was totally worth it just for this pic. Special thanks to Kat and Kimbo for taking care of me that night and for getting me a hug from him, bless you girls, I love you :’)

I have to write a post about the UK and Denmark shows, but right now all I wanna do is have wild sex with my very own bed, I’ve missed it :D

PS: I’m back.

PS2: I look like crap, but hey, you should see the other guy.

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    Love you too girl. *mwah*
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    Oh gurl. So many memories ;_____; Sorry my town was so brutal.
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    I know it hurted… but this is one of the best pics I’ve ever seen *________*
  4. dickflaps said: His. Face.
  5. sameoldblues said: te pegaron?!?!?! madremía pero la gente está loca!! al menos tuviste tu recompensa. Espero que te lo pasaras bien! :)
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